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About Us

Nearly fifteen years ago we decided that we would move from the city of Sydney to it's outskirts to buy a property that lent itself to dogs.

The Hungarian Vizsla had always been a favourite of ours and after a further 18 months of research we received our first V, Matilda.

Georgie soon followed and, at times, we have had up to ten V's - now we have seven of these beautiful dogs!

Isobel has a full time job looking after our beautiful dogs and understands each and every one of them and this is special.

Stephen is an Historian and is Deputy Principal at a large co-educational school in South-Western Sydney.

Most of our day is devoted to our dogs in one way or another - whether it be exercise, welfare or showing or tracking.

Our main interest is in showing, breeding and in giving our dogs as much love, attention and care as possible. This involves running our dogs every day at the local polo-crosse. All of our Vizslas are equally cared for and loved and this has made for a particulary happy and contented pack of Vizslas.

The Hungarian Vizsla, like all breeds of dogs, has it's own breed-specific characteristics and nuances. The Vizsla is a dog that is very family orientated and can be quite demanding of it's owners - this dog wants to be part of the action!

As responsible breeders we always look at trying to produce Vizslas that are sound in health, temperament and true to type.

Our dogs are selectively available to people who are genuinely interested in the breed and the welfare of their pet.

As you continue your journey through our website you will get the opportunity to meet each of our special Vizslas.


          (Georgie in the header photo above).

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