Darius's Tassie Show Results

In the photo below Darius was awarded Australian Bred In Show on 27/01/2012.
He was expertly handled by Denise Wadsley (TAS).

Below are Darius's Tassie show awards:-

31/03/12 All Breeds KA DCC (9) & BOB (12) + BEST IN GROUP (25), Aust Bred in Group
Judge: Mrs S Gartner (NSW) + AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW Judge: Mr A Jones (Tas) 
Darius was also short-listed for BIS 

 25/03/12 Tas Ladies KCJudge:DCC (6) & RUBOB  Mrs N Zimmerle (Qld)

24/03/12 Tas Ladies KC DCC (8) BOB (9) Judge: Mrs L Buchanen (Qld)

17/03/12 Brighton KC  DCC (8) BOB (8) Judge: Ms K McGhie (Qld)

26/02/12Tasmania Kennel Club  DCC BOB (13) Judge: Mr J Palmer (NSW)

 25/02/12 Tasmania Kennel Club DCC BOB (13) Judge: Mrs J McCann (Qld)

11/02/12Tasmania Kennel Club  DCC BOB (9) Judge: Mrs H Pedersen (NSW)

29/01/12 West Tiers K Club DCC (8) Judge: Mr D McGreevy (QLD)

27/01/12 West Tiers K Cl DCC (7) BOB (10) + BEST IN GROUP (25), Aust Bred in Group
Judge: J Butterfield (SA) + AUSTRALIAN BRED IN SHOW Judge: A Van Der Steen (SA)
26/01/12 West Tiers K Cl  DCC (9) BOB (13) Judge: Mrs A Van Der Steen (SA)

21/01/12 Hobart Dog Club Inc Summerfest DCC (7) BOB (9) AM Judge: Mr S Meredith (NZ)

21/01/12 Hobart Dog Club Inc Summerfest  DCC (7) BOB (9) PM Judge: Mr K Hammond (NSW)

14/01/12 Tasmanian Kennel Club Show DCC (7) RUBOB Judge: J Bink (ACT)

02/01/12 Combined Breeds Dog Club Tas RDCC  (AM) Judge: D Crofts (NSW)

02/01/12 Combined Breeds Dog Club of Tas DCC (7) BOB (9) Best Aust Bred In Group  (PM) Judge: S Mallia (WA)

10/12/11Dogs Tasmanian Show  DCC BOB (19/13) Judge: M Markatany (NSW)

04/12/11 Circular Head Ag Society Show DCC (6) BOB (7) Judge: S Foster (SA)

03/12/11Circular Head Ag Society Show  DCC (6) BOB (7) Judge: D Paterson (SA)

13/11/11Huon & Channel Kennel Club Inc  DCC (8) RUBOB Best Junior In Group Judge: Ms M Clegg (Vic)

06/11/11 Westbury Ag. Society DCC (7) RUBOB  Judge: A Alexander (Vic)

05/11/11 Westbury Ag. Society  DCC (9) Judge: M Cronchey (Vic)
Darius, titled in Tassie at his first show.