Whelped: 20th November 2004
Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn
AVA Hip Score 0:1 
Australian Grade 0 International Grade A
Elbow Score 0:0
Sire: Aust. Ch. Hubertus Pannonia Varazs (IID) Hun AVA Hip Score: 3:5
Dam: Aust. Ch. Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee AVA Hip Score: 1:2 Elbow Score 0:0

KRAKA has informed all of the other V’s that he is to be addressed as "Mr K". Where do you get off insisting on this, Kraka?   He has this amazing deep bark – a baritone voice from a Vienna Vizsla Boys’ Choir vizsage. This bloke is a little bottler and we love him dearly.

Kraka is a true Vizsla. Here he can be seen spotting some grass birds. This instinct has been greatly developed by following his mother "Rubee" and his grandmother "Georgie" in their adventures.

Kraka is a study of concentration. See the photo below entitled " Beautiful Head" It is important to discipline your Vizsla while he or she is young. "Watch Kraka, watch Kraka, gooooooooood boy, good watch". Focus Pocus! 

Kraka easily attained his Australian Championship Title in 2005. He is a fun guy and very adaptable and this year, 2009, he will take up the challenge of achieving his tracking title.

Kraka is now a proven top class sire of - 33 puppies from four different litters which now includes
titled dogs.

There is a lot of work ahead for Kraka!  


below are some of Kraka's achievements:

Challenge Dog / Aust Bred in Show - Judge: Mrs Agneta Pamp (Sweden)
at NSW Hungarian Vizsla Club Specialty Show 24/04/11

Judges quote: Excellent type. Very well shaped head. Beautiful expression. Correct bite. Excellent topline and croup. Excellent angulated hindquarter. Very good underline. Excellent front angulations. Good bone and feet. Judge: Moves very well. A dog of excellent quality.

Reserve Dog Challenge - Judge: Mr. Roger Bridgeford (Victoria)
at NSW Hungarian Vizsla Club Specialty Show 09/10/2010

Judges quote: Another excellent type with correct overall balance. When stacked a slightly better overall appearance than the winner, but did not move as well in profile or going and coming as the winner and as they are required to move when carrying out the function for which they were bred the better moving dog won on the day. Would have liked to find more strength of first and second thigh.

e: Mrs Agneta Pamp (Sweden) 

cccccChChallenge Dog / Aust Bred in Show - Judge: Mrs Agneta Pamp (Sweden)

at NSW Hungarian Vizsla Club Specialty Show 24/04/11

allenge Dog / Aust Bred i

Kraka being awarded by Mrs A Pamp (Swd)

24apl11 1055

Kraka being awarded by Mr R Bridgeford (Vic)

9oct10 703



Pedigree 44485

Australian Champion Tanashka Magus Krakajak

Whelped: 20-11-04 AVA Hip Score 0:1 Elbow Score 0:0 Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn

Aust. Ch. Hubertus Pannonia Varazs (IID)

Whelped: 27.07.02 AVA Hip Score: 3:5 Bred by: Mrs Agnes Pali (VIC) Hubertus Hungarian Vizslas

F.T. Ch. Int. Ch. Hung. Gr. Ch. Luppa Vadasz Ficko (Hun) Met

Zami Butyok (Hun) Met

Matai Vocsok II (Hun)

Zami Ancsa (Hun)

F.T. Ch. Hung. Ch. O.C. Pitypang Gyonged Luca (Hun) Met

Hun Grand Ch Pitypang Taller (Hun)

Visnyei Vadasz Garas (Hun)

Aust. Ch. F.T. Ch. Hung. Gr. Ch. Csokolandy Dorka Of Hubertus (Imp Hun) Met

F.T. Ch. Hung. Gr. Ch. Csertaparti Fuvola (Hun) Met

Hubertus Gogos (Hun) Met

Jozsalaki Alfa (Hun) Met

Hung. Ch. Perenye Narai Cuni (Hun) Met

F.T. Ch. Hung. Ch. Vadaszfai Csoze (Hun)

Vadaszfai Amazon (Hun) Met

Pedigree 1220

Australian Champion Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee

Whelped: 16-07-00 AVA Hip Score: 1:2 Elbow Score: 0:0 Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn.

Aust. Ch. Lutra Bronze Major [V03] (Imp U.K.)

Whelped: 16.06.95 AVA Hip Score: 2:2 Bred by: Mrs S Millson, United Kingdom Owned by: Mrs Faye Harris (TAS)Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Eng. Sh. Ch. Russetmantle Finch Of Gunalt (U.K.)

Eng. Sh. Ch. Russetmantle Paris (U.K.)

Eng. Sh. Ch. Russetmantle October (U.K.)

Lutra May Fly (U.K.)

Gardenway Master Mariner (U.K.)

Lutra Golden Mystery (U.K.)

Pedigree 1218

Aust Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka

Whelped 04-05-98 AVA Hip Score: 3:7 Bred by: Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Kytoff Chtcherbo

Whelped: 26/07/92 AVA Hip Score: 4:2 Bred by: Mrs Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Kedvenc Andes [P02] (Imp U.K.)

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Nyari Kincsem

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Simply Phoebe

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Chekov [07] (Imp U.K.)

Humeden Georgette