Whelped: 20th November, 2004 
Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn
AVA Hip Score: 4:1
Sire: Aust. Ch. Hubertus Pannonia Varazs (IID) Hun AVA Hip Score: 3:5
Dam: Aust. Ch. Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee AVA Hip Score: 1:2 Elbow Score 0:0 

LANI returned to Tanashka Hungarian Vizlsas in 2005 and 
readjusted to a different lifestyle. 

Lani  learnt to relax and be herself and became part of the pack of Tanashka Vizslas. She came into her own. Her athleticism, muscular structure and endurance capacity is unbelievable.  More importantly, she is a sensitive, loving and an intelligent bitch. She was just such a valuable member of our family. All of the other dogs in our brood love Lani. 

   Lani is remarkable and has embraced her spirituality.

Lani's "Nirvana" is now with Albi and Ivo in Melbourne.
Lana's photo below was taken on 04/12/2011 with
Matilda and Isobel with Ivo and Lana - The Vibe is Good!!!

Here's Looking At You!

Below is Lani being awarded Aust Bred In Show in April 2009 at NSWHVCSS 



Pedigree 1946

Aust Ch Tanashka Magus Lana

Whelped: 20/11/04 AVA Hip Score: 4:1 Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn.

Aust. Ch. Hubertus Pannonia Varazs (IID)

Whelped: 27.07.02 AVA Hip Score: 3:5 Bred by: Mrs Agnes Pali (VIC) Hubertus Hungarian Vizslas

F.T. Ch. Int. Ch. Hung. Gr. Ch. Luppa Vadasz Ficko (Hun) Met

Zami Butyok (Hun) Met

Matai Vocsok II (Hun)

Zami Ancsa (Hun)

F.T. Ch. Hung. Ch. O.C. Pitypang Gyonged Luca (Hun) Met

Hun Grand Ch Pitypang Taller (Hun)

Visnyei Vadasz Garas (Hun)

Aust. Ch. F.T. Ch. Hung. Gr. Ch. Csokolandy Dorka Of Hubertus (Imp Hun) Met

F.T. Ch. Hung. Gr. Ch. Csertaparti Fuvola (Hun) Met

Hubertus Gogos (Hun) Met

Jozsalaki Alfa (Hun) Met

Hung. Ch. Perenye Narai Cuni (Hun) Met

F.T. Ch. Hung. Ch. Vadaszfai Csoze (Hun)

Vadaszfai Amazon (Hun) Met

Pedigree 1220

Australian Champion Tanashka Red Ochre Rubee

Whelped: 16-07-00 AVA Hip Score: 1:2 Elbow Score: 0:0 Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn.

Aust. Ch. Lutra Bronze Major [V03] (Imp U.K.)

Whelped: 16.06.95 AVA Hip Score: 2:2 Bred by: Mrs S Millson, United Kingdom Owned by: Mrs Faye Harris (TAS)Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Eng. Sh. Ch. Russetmantle Finch Of Gunalt (U.K.)

Eng. Sh. Ch. Russetmantle Paris (U.K.)

Eng. Sh. Ch. Russetmantle October (U.K.)

Lutra May Fly (U.K.)

Gardenway Master Mariner (U.K.)

Lutra Golden Mystery (U.K.)

Pedigree 1218

Aust Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka

Whelped 04-05-98 AVA Hip Score: 3:7 Bred by: Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Kytoff Chtcherbo

Whelped: 26/07/92 AVA Hip Score: 4:2 Bred by: Mrs Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Kedvenc Andes [P02] (Imp U.K.)

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Nyari Kincsem

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Simply Phoebe

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Chekov [07] (Imp U.K.)

Humeden Georgette