PALAWAY POST MODERN S.B.I.A, K.K.G., A.C., H.O.O.D. and Y.A.O.T.Y.(nomination).
Whelped: 6th November 1997
Bred by: Cathy Macken (NSW) Palaway Hungarian Vizslas 
Sire: Aust. Ch. Craboon Lucky Warrior
Dam: Palaway Tiki Abstract 

MATILDA is known as "Tillie". She is the top dog in the Quinn household. Tillie was our first Vizsla. She is a show girl, but not in the show ring. Tillie is not a dog person, she thinks that they are stupid. She loves our other Vizslas but prefers the company of humans and she gets spoilt a lot by our family. Tillie is often referred to as "Miss Perfect" by the other members of the pack (under their varying breaths). The ultimate "ARISTOCRAT" - she is at the top of the feudal pyramid. 

Tillie’s great passion in life is the ball. It gets so bad that we have to actually spell B-A-L-L rather than saying the word as this could cause great anxiety for all members – both human and human/canine! 

Tillie has received the awards of "Smoothest Belly in Australia" (2003), "Kiss Kiss Girl" (2000-2010), "Austrayin Champion" (1999) and a nomination for the Young Australian of the Year (2010).

She has also been awarded the highly sought after "Higher Order of Defiance" (2009-2010) for her driving desire to do exactly what she wants, when she wants.

Tillie has such a generous sprit and shares all of her love with her human and most importantly, canine family. She is so well respected by her family and looked up to by all of our dogs. Tillie is unlike other Vizslas - she loves the bed! (Ha Ha) 


The Prized "Winner" Medallion


The Act Of Defiance


A Special Moment - PLEASE Accept!!!




Pedigree 1262

Palaway Post Modern

Whelped: 06-11-1997 Bred by: Cathy Macken (NSW) Palaway Hungarian Vizslas.

Aust. Ch . Craboon Lucky Warrior C.D. E.T.

Dual. Ch. [O] Hanafor Wychton Winston

Dual. Ch. [O] Hanafor Ashburton

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Lady Wychbold

Aust. Ch. Pretorium EA Ebinni

Am. Ch. & N.Z. Ch. Paradox Chatos Star QC. (Imp U.S.A.)

Aust. Ch. Mesus Amber Lady

Palaway Tiki Abstract

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Vari Tibor C.D.X. E.T.

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Chekov [07] (Imp U.K.)

Ch. Russetmantle Grebe Of Gardenway (U.K.)

Ch. Gardenway Bula (U.K.)

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Just Gabriella

Exetora Kua Koora Ika

Aust. Ch. Pretorium EA Exetora

Aust. Ch. Pretorium Dee Dazzler