Tanashka Puppies


Above - Lana and Kraka  - photo at 9 weeks
Aust Ch Hubertus Pannonia Varaz (IID) x Aust Ch Tanashka  Red Ochre Rubee

Above - Ashka - photo at 13 weeks
Aust Ch Tanashka Magus Krakajak x Aust Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara

Above - Vegas - photo at 8 weeks
Aust Ch Tanashka Magus Krakajak x Aust Ch Tanashka Acepak Showgirl   


Above - Emily with some of Georgie's Dzsentri litter puppies (2002)
 Aust Gr Ch Hanafor Ponting The Way (UK Imp) x Aust Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka

see Emily below as she is today (2009)

Above - Emily Hurtz - Australian Hockeyroos Squad 2009
position played - striker
and was a former Elderslie High School Student 2002 - 2007
Tanashka puppies have some of the best bloodlines available in Australia. They bring together the special Hanafor (Faye Harris) and Hubertus (Agnes Pali) lines. There is a great heritage that has been developed by the breeders of these two prestigious kennels and we take great pride in the trust they have in sharing that with us. 

All Tanashka puppies are nurtured to continue and enhance the lineage that they have behind them. They are bred true to breed. We endeavour to ensure that all of our puppies are socialised and are adaptable to a
changing world. 

All Tanashka puppies are always socialised with
young children.

Our puppies have always been in great demand. Any potential buyer undergoes rigorous scrutiny and must meet us on a personal basis. Overseas buyers will also need to meet
certain requirements.
We sell INTERSTATE and arrange all transport requirements.

Yes, we do EXPORT. When you buy a Tanashka puppy you know that you are getting the best available from rigorously researched and selected lines.

Australia's strict quarantine laws ensure that your dog's health is maximised. For example, Australia is totally
rabies free.

This generates a peace of mind that does not apply to many countries
in the world.  

( In the header photo above is Tanashka Mestermu Chilli).

Georgie's Offspring