Whelped: 11/06/2010
PennHIP score: .22 and .30 - This puts Rufus in the top 20% of the breed
for hips and shows minimal laxity in the joint.
 Elbow Score: Pending
Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn
Owned by: Cath and Andrew Reilly
Sire: Australian Champion Pitswarren Picasso (Imp UK)
AVA Hip Score: 6:5
Dam: RU/B.I.S.S. x 2 Australian Champion Tanashka Dzsentri Klara
AVA Hip Score: 2:1 Elbow Score: 0:0 

RUFUS is a veritable portrait of the Hungarian Vizsla and is the progeny of
UK Imp Aust Ch Pitswarren Picasso and RU/B.I.S.S. x 2 Aust Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara
aka “Princess Klara". 

Rufus is a moderate dog with a classic, handsome head;
a well-balanced and well-developed body and strong, fluid movement.

Rufus also has, in spades, the outgoing personality and keen intelligence which are hallmarks of the breed. A true strategic thinker, Rufus’ uncanny ability to scope out and – completely undetected – make off with contraband, has earned him the nickname “Captain Invisible.”
A little larrikin whose mission is mayhem, he steals the hearts of everyone he meets.

HRR (His Royal Ruffieness), aka Rufus, "The Royal Red" and his friend and brother,
Darius the Great, will be strutting their stuff in the show ring.

Long May They Reign!

below is Nikki and Rufus in April 2012. Rufus is developing into a competitive show dog.

below is Nikki and Rufus 2011

Rufus's achievements are:
          R/U Best Of Breed Dog CC Spring Fair 28/8/11 




Pedigree 109446

Tanashka Mestermu Rufus

DOB: 11-06-2010 PennHIP Score: .22 and .30 AVA Elbow Score: pending Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn Owned by: Cath and Andrew Rielly

Pedigree 109413

Aust Ch Pitswarren Picasso (IMP UK)

DOB:01-03-2007 AVA Hip Score: 6:5 Bred by: Mr/Mrs P Harper (Pitswarren Kennels) UK Imported and owned by: Mr/Mrs B.J. Neaves (Kimlise Kennels) NSW

Eng Sh Ch Pitswarren Daniel

Eng Sh Ch Red Flag Of Pitswarren

Pitswarren Zacchaeus (UK)

Junetta Sky Lark

Pitswarren Rebecca

Eng Sh Ch Russetmantle Finch Of Gunalt

Eng Sh Ch Pitswarren Leila

Eng Sh Ch Pitswarren Gene Genie

Pitswarren Zubah

Pitswarren Zacchaeus (UK)

Eng Sh Ch Pitswarren Tanzie

Tragus What A Madam

Eng Sh Ch Chilsham Shropshire Lad

Eng Sh Ch Wicked Lady Of Tragus

Pedigree 1276

Aust Ch Tanashka Dzsentri Klara

Whelped: 10-09-02 AVA Hip Score: 2:0 Elbow Score: 0:0 Bred by: Stephen and Isobel Quinn.

Aust. Gr. Ch. Hanabrit Ponting The Way (Imp U.K.)

Whelped: 10.04.01 AVA Hip Score: 4:7 Bred and Owned by: Mrs Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Eng. Sh. Ch. Gardenway Dramatist (U.K.)

Hung. Ch. Kilato-Teri Furge Mokany Of Helmlake Int. Ch. (U.K.)

Ch. Gardenway Dawn Run (U.K.)

Hanafor Libden Akira

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Master Bentley

Aust. Ch. Aranka Werham Arnica

Pedigree 1218

Aust Ch Hanafor Tantu Ashka

Whelped 04-05-98 AVA Hip Score: 3:7 Bred by: Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Kytoff Chtcherbo

Whelped: 26/07/92 AVA Hip Score: 4:2 Bred by: Mrs Faye Harris (TAS) Hanafor Hungarian Vizslas

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Kedvenc Andes [P02] (Imp U.K.)

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Nyari Kincsem

Aust. Ch. Hanafor Simply Phoebe

Aust. Ch. Gardenway Chekov [07] (Imp U.K.)

Humeden Georgette